CPHC Members

The Centre comprises committee, associate and doctoral members, each with their own research interests and areas of expertise in the field of printing history and culture.

Sahar Afshar

Doctoral Candidate

Professor Caroline Archer-Parré

Steering Group Member

Dr Catherine Armstrong


Dr Rina Arya


Dr Maureen Bell

Dr Giles Bergel

Dr Roger Bruton

Julia Burdett

Dr Jane Cooksey

Professor Howard Cox

Mareike Doleschal

Dr Rajinder Dudrah

Dr Rebecca Emmett

Georgina Grant

Steven Hobbis

Dr Mark Johnson

Simon Loxley

Aurélie Martin

Barry McKay

Dr Angela McShane

Dr Simon Mowatt

Dr James Mussell

Alexandre Parré

Dr Lisa Peters

Anthony Quinn

Dr Sian Roberts

Dr Rachel Stenner

Dr Philip Tromans


Dr Catherine Armstrong, Dr Rina Arya, Dr Maureen Bell, Dr Giles Bergel, Dr Roger Bruton Julia Burdett, Dr Jane Cooksey, Professor Howard Cox, Mareike Doleschal, Dr Rajinder Dudrah, Dr Rebecca Emmett, Georgina Grant, Steven Hobbis, Dr Mark Johnson, Simon Loxley, Aurélie Martin, Barry McKay, Dr Angela McShane, Dr Simon Mowatt, Dr James Mussell, Alexandre Parré, Dr Lisa Peters, Anthony Quinn, Dr Sian Roberts, Dr Rachel Stenner, Dr Philip Tromans