Baskerville Society Membership

With the assistance of its membership and delegate committee, the Baskerville Society aims to:

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  • Encourage research into and promote public knowledge and understanding of John Baskerville’s life, times and significance.

  • Maintain a website which draws attention to information about John Baskerville and his work, relevant research and activities, publications, primary sources, artefacts and places associated with his life. Disseminate a newsletter to maintain contact between members of the Forum.

  • Facilitate contact and the sharing of information between members of the Forum via a newsletter, conferences and other activities and events.

  • Cooperate with other organisations, societies and individuals to promote research into and public knowledge and understanding of John Baskerville.

  • Support the development of projects and activities which enhance knowledge and understanding of John Baskerville.


0121 331 5871

The Typographic Hub, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design at Birmingham City University, Corporation Street, Gosta Green, Birmingham B4 7DX

Baskerville Society