David Proud

Baskerville Society Committee member, and Secretary to the Society


Research Interests

David comes from a commercial background having worked for HSBC internationally prior to starting my own businesses from 2006. Birmingham Innovations Ltd designs and manufactures products for the do-it-yourself market. The products are innovative, protected by intellectual property and, importantly, they are all manufactured in Birmingham!  

David has always had a strong interest in history and his local environment. He was lucky enough to have the time and opportunity to sign up for the MA in West Midlands run by Dr Malcolm Dick, at the University of Birmingham which indulged both his environmental and historical interests. Through his engagement with the Masters’  programme he developed a particular interest in the life and work of the Birmingham printer John Baskerville.

One thing rather led to another and he joined the Baskerville Society. He has been a member of, and Secretary to, the Society since it’s launch in 2012.

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