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General Info

Incline Press is run by Graham Moss in Oldham in Greater Manchester, housed within an old cotton mill. The press has been printing from the early 1990s producing a selection of books.

Press and Type Info

The presses used are a table top Adana, a Vandercook proofing press, an Arab treadle press, an Auto-Vic, a Victoria Art Platen and a Heidelberg. The first type used was Baskerville, but now many cabinets of type have been acquired.  

Books Published

  • Michael Powell and Terry Wycke (eds.), A Bread and Cheese Bookseller: the autobiography of James Weatherley, nineteenth century Manchester Bookseller (forthcoming)
  • Gerald Cinamon, Weiss: The Topography of an Artist
  • James Mosley, Handmade Type: Thoughts on the Preservation of Typographic Materials

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