Jericho Press

General Info

The press operated in a back-garden studio in Ely, Cambridge, and is run by Chip Coakley (J. F. Coakley).

Press and Type Info

The presses used are a Vandercook model 4 proofing press and an Arab Crown Folio treadle platen press. Among the one hundred cases of type are Greek, Hebrew and Oriental types, some of them old founders’ types from the Oxford and Cambridge University Presses.]

Books Published

  • J. F. Coakley, The Typography of Syriac (2006: British Library & Oak Knoll)
  • J. F. Coakley, The Hebrew Types of the Jericho Press (2010)
  • J. F. Coakley, The Greek Types of the Jericho Press (2014)

(the two latter have historical notes as well as specimen displays)

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