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ARCHER, CAROLINE & LISA PETERS [EDITORS] Religion and the book trade. Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Cambridge Scholars, 2015. (154mmx212), vii, 210p. 16 illustrations. Hardback, dust jacket.

HINKS, JOHN, CATHERINE ARMSTRONG & MATTHEW DAY [EDITORS] Periodicals and publishers: the newspaper and journal trade 1740-1914. London: British Library, 2009. 8vo, (208x149mm), xii,251p. 13 illustrations and 9 distribution maps. Hardback, dust jacket. £25.00 (stock reference 16861)

HINKS, JOHN & CATHERINE ARMSTRONG [EDITORS] Book trade connections from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. London: British Library, 2008. 8vo, (208x149mm), 282p. Hardback, dustjacket. £25.00 (stock reference 16723)

HINKS, JOHN & CATHERINE ARMSTRONG [EDITORS] Worlds of print: diversity in the booktrade. London: British Library & New Castle DE: Oak Knoll Books, 2006. 8vo, (217x152mm), xiv,240p, illustrations. Hardback, dustjacket. £25.00 (stock reference 14388)

HINKS, JOHN & CATHERINE ARMSTRONG [EDITORS] Printing places: locations of book production & distribution since 1500. New Castle: Oak Knoll Press; London: British Library, 2005. 8vo (217x150mm), xiv,208p. 9 illustrations. Hardback, dustjacket. £25.00 (stock reference 13684)

MCKAY, BARRY, MAUREEN BELL & JOHN HINKS [EDITORS]. Light on the book trade: essays presented at the nineteenth seminar on the British book trade in honour of Peter Isaac. London: British Library; New Castle, DE.: Oak Knoll Press, 2004. 8vo, (218x150mm), viii,216p. illustrations. Laminated hardback boards. £25.00 (stock reference 9574)

ISAAC, PETER & BARRY MCKAY [EDITORS] The moving market: continuity and change in the book trade. New Castle, Oak Knoll Press, 2001. 8vo, (218x150mm), xiv,201p. 18 illustrations. Laminated hardback boards. £12.00 (stock reference 7720)

ISAAC, PETER & BARRY MCKAY [EDITORS] The mighty engine: the book trade at work. Winchester: St Paul’s Bibliographies: New Castle DE.: Oak Knoll Press,. 2000. 8vo, (218x150mm), xii,205p. 6 illustrations. Laminated hardback boards. £25.00 (Stock reference 4988)

ISAAC, PETER & BARRY MCKAY [EDITORS]. The human face of the book trade: print culture and its creators. Winchester: St Paul’s Bibliographies, 1999. 8vo, (218x150mm), x, 228p. 4 illustrations. Out of print.

ISAAC, PETER & BARRY MCKAY [EDITORS] The reach of print: making, selling and using books. Winchester: St Paul’s Bibliographies; New Castle, DE.: Oak Knoll Press 1998. 8vo, (218x150mm), x,228p. 26 illustrations and maps. Laminated hardback boards. £12.00 (stock reference 31)

ISAAC, PETER & BARRY MCKAY [EDITORS] Images & texts: their production and distribution in the 18th and 19th centuries. Winchester: St Paul’s Bibliographies, 1997. 8vo, (218x150mm), xiv,188p. 23 illustrations. Laminated hardback boards. £25.00 (Stock reference 258)

ISAAC, PETER [EDITOR] Six centuries of the provincial book trade. Winchester: St Paul’s Bibliographies, 1990. 8vo, (217x152mm), xii, 212p. 6 plates. Laminated hardback boards. £18.50 (Stock reference 10259)