Dr Rajinder Dudrah

Senior Lecturer in Screen Studies, University of Manchester

Research Interests

Rajinder works across film, media and cultural studies and is interested in the print and related cultural histories of Black British and British Asian popular cultures and creative industries in cities such as Birmingham and Manchester. He has also researched and published on British Asian fashion and dress materials found in multicultural high streets such as the Soho Road, Birmingham, and as used in popular music like British bhangra - especially in the context of fusion based cultures of mixing and matching. He is also interested in post-war British Asian print cultures of newspapers and magazines, online materials, material cultures and ephemera. 



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Journal Editorships

Malcolm Dick and R. Dudrah eds. (2011) Midland History, vol.36, number 2. Special peer reviewed issue on Ethnic Community Histories in the Midlands.

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R. Dudrah (April 2003 - Present) Founder and co-editor of South Asian Popular Culture, London: Routledge.


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R. Dudrah, Bollywood Stills, Contact Theatre, 28 November 2008 28.

R. Dudrah, Celebrating Indian Cinema, National Media Museum, 08 June 2007 08. 

R. Dudrah, Soho Road to the Punjab Bhangra Exhibition, Brunei Gallery, 01 July 2007 01.

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