The Old School Press


General Info

The press is situated in Bath and prints and publishes new texts in limited editions with specially commissioned illustrations. They use traditional letterpress techniques, metal type and fine papers. All books are hand bound.

Press and Type Info

The Old School Press has a Western proof press (30 inch), and Albion hand press (Royal), and a Chandler & Price treadle platen press (10 by 15). Thier collection of type includes Hunt Roman, Optima, Perpetua, Caslon, Van Dijck and Romulus.

Books Published

  • Martyn Ould & Martyn Thomas, The Fell Revival (2000)

  • Martyn Ould, Oxford’s Ornaments (2007)

  • Martyn Thomas, John A. Lane & Anne Rogers, Harry Carter, Typographer (2005)

  • Martyn Ould, Stanley Morison & ‘John Fell’ (2003)

  • Harry Carter, Three Pieces (2005)

  • Printing at the Daniel Press (2011)

  • The Daniel Press in Frome (2011)

  • Printing at the Oxford University Press, 1660-1780 (to be published from early 2016 onwards).

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