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Workshop 3: Letterpress in the Digital Age

Print and digital are often considered as antagonists, with the former imperilled by the latter. Yet the relationship between the two technologies of storage and reproduction is more complex than this. We still print out, for instance, and much of the language of digital media is rooted in print heritage. This workshop, to be hosted by Bath Spa’s new research centre ‘Making Books: creativity, print culture, and the digital’, examines the interconnected histories of print and digital technologies, and considers how each can help us learn about the other.

More information and booking is available here.


9:30-9:50: Registration

9:50-10:00: Introduction and welcome

10:00-11:15: Session 1 The influence of digital on letterpress: Angie Butler; Nick Hand, Letterpress Collective; Sarah Bodman.

11:15-11:35: Refreshments

11:35-12:50: Session 2 The disruption of digital and letterpress: Alan Marshall; Matthieu Cortat; Sheena Calvert.

12:50-13:50: Lunch

Bath Spa Library collection of letterpress printed books (Seminar Room)
Printing a collaborative publication printing - Penny Grist (Print Rooms)

13:50-15:05: Session 3 Producing digital letterpress forms: Maciej Pawlikowski and Ann-Marie Carey; Richard Kegler; Chris Wilson.

15.05-15:25 Refreshments

15:25-16:30: Printing the publication; printing demonstrations; display of Bath Spa Library collection of letterpress printed books.

16:30-17:20: Roundtable discussion.

17:20-17:30: Closing remarks