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Post-war printing

10 & 11 October 2019, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

This conference considers the progress of the post-1945 printing industry including the technologies, processes and products of print, and also the users and consumers of the printed word.

Speakers: David Steele, From duplicating to digital; Erik Spiekermann, Post-digital printing; Gülizar Çepoglu, The break of the rigid dichotomy between text and image; Rebecca Roach, Books or mainframes? Rockefeller and Ford Foundation print policy in the post-war years; Patrick Goossens, From organ to microchip: dissimilarities in technology or from the swan song of hot metal to the hymn of ‘hot’ letterpress; Gina Baber, A paratextual and bibliographical study of Allen Ginsberg's Howl; Mohamad Dakak, The complex status of current Arabic type design and usage in relation to post-war contexts; Vaibhav Singh,Technologies of transition: Intertype’s Fotosetter and filmsetting for Indian scripts; Gong Xiaofan, Interpretation on the covers of 'Red Books' 1949-66 in China from the perspective of political iconology; Matthew Wills, Propaganda and paperbacks: Creating a National Socialist readership in Mao’s China; Meaghan Allen, Paper traces: Projekt journal and the distribution of Polish poster design; Wendy Stephens, Modernization or expurgation?: revision and recalibration of canonical American children’s literature; Miriam Intrator, Print and the post-war reconstruction of people.

Technology panel session led by Richard Lawrence.

SwopShop: We invite delegates to bring typographic items from the post-war period for redistribution to those who might use them either in practice or in teaching activities: a box-full of unwanted golfball heads perhaps or photocomposer master plates, or examples of paste-ups or negatives.

Fee: £25.00