Publishing History

We are delighted to announce that the latest issue of Publishing History is now available.

Contents include:

  • Lisa Peter: The role of the local newspaper during World War one: animportant link betewen the home front and the battle front

  • Charoltte Biszewski: Bristol set in print

Book reviews

  • John Feather on Caroline archer and Malcolm Dick (eds) John Baskerville: art and industry in the Enlightenment;

  • Paul W Nash on Simon Eliot, Ian Gadd and Wm. Roger Louis (eds): The history of the Oxford University Press

  • Rachel Stenner on John Hinks and Catherine Armstrong (eds): Text and image in the city: manuscript, print and visual culture in urban space

  • David Shaw on Stephen Rawles: Denis Janot (fl. 1529-1544): Parisian printer and bookseller: a bibliography

Publishing History welcomes contributions on the history of production, distribution and consumption of text and image in UK, Europe, the Americas, and the wider world. All papers are peer reviewed by two experts in the field. Contributions welcome from academics, postgrads, and independent scholars and practitioners within the publishing industry and related field.

  • Articles 8-12,000 words;

  • Special thematic issues - three or four linked articles;

  • Guest edited issues;

  • Extended book reviews/state of the field summaries 3-7000 words;

  • Pedagogy of book history and publishing.

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