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British and Irish Print Networks
11-12 July 2016
Moore Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway
The nineteenth Print Networks conference will have as its theme British and Irish Print Networks. 

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Ireland became increasingly integrated within a British economic and political space. After 1801, Ireland formed part of the United Kingdom and it supplied both food and labour power to industrialising Britain. The same pattern appears in the domain of print – in the eighteenth century, Dublin printers specialised in reprinting or pirating British books, for transatlantic as well as Irish readers. After 1801 they became agents of English and Scottish publishers, and print workers joined the ranks of larger British trade unions. At the same time, Ireland developed its own print networks in the US and Canada, exporting books and periodicals produced independently of Britain in the indigenous market.
Speakers are invited to address the dynamics of the relationship between the print trade in Ireland and its counterparts to England, Scotland and Wales, over an expansive period from the early modern through the nineteenth century and beyond. Proposals about Ireland and the Atlantic book trade are also welcome.
The conference encourages papers from scholars (independent and affiliated), librarians, and practitioners working on the history of the book, printing and typography, the book trade, and related topics.
Abstracts of up to 200 words are invited for papers of 30 minutes, 
sent to
by the deadline of 1 February 2016.
The Print Networks Conference offers an annual fellowship to a postgraduate scholar whose research falls within the parameters of the conference brief, and who wishes to present a paper at the conference. The fellowship covers the cost of attending the conference and some assistance towards costs of travel. A summary of the research being undertaken and letter of recommendation from a tutor or supervisor should be sent separately by the deadline for the call for papers.
Print Neworks Committee:
Prof. Caroline Archer, Dr Catherine Armstrong, Dr Maureen Bell, Dr Giles Bergel, Julia Burdett, Dr John Hinks, Dr Lucy Hughes, Barry McKay, David Osbaldestin, Dr Lisa Peters, 

NUI Galway Organising Committee:
Prof. Daniel Carey; Dr. Anders Ingram; Dr. Niall Ó Ciosáin; Dr. Elizabeth Tilley; Dr. Justin Tonra