Publishing History

Publishing History is a scholarly journal devoted to the socio-economic and literary history of book, newspaper and magazine publishing. This specialist bi-annual journal covers the whole spectrum of publishing from the author to the reader, and contains scholarly articles; memoirs by contemporary publishers; conference papers; archive listings; and reviews, annotations and fascimile reprints of important documents relating to the history of publishing. Distributed by Proquest in both print and electronic form it discusses topics relating to the history of publishing in the UK, Europe, the Americas, and the wider world.

Publishing History invites original contributions, which have not been published elsewhere, in the following forms:

  • Single research-focused articles of approximately 8-12,000 words
  • Special thematic issues - three or four linked articles by different authors on a similar theme. These issues can take a variety of forms, for example all pieces can be full-length articles, or one longer article may be accompanied by shorter comment pieces.
  • Guest edited issues – three or four articles by different authors that do not need to be united by theme
  • Extended book reviews discussing three or more works, or state of the field summaries of between 3000 and 7000 words

We also welcome submissions on the pedagogy of book history and publishing.

All articles will be peer reviewed by two experts in the field before publication is confirmed.

We welcome contributions from academics at all levels from early career to professor, from postgraduate students, and from independent scholars and practitioners within the publishing industry and related fields.

Please contact Dr Catherine Armstrong for more information.