Letterpress Printing: Past, Present, and Future

Letterpress Printing: Past, Present, and Future is an AHRC-funded Research Network that brings together scholars, printers, and museum professionals (among others), to explore the significance of letterpress printing today.  Led by Jim Mussell, of the Centre for the Comparative History of Print at the University of Leeds, and Caroline Archer, of the Centre for Printing History and Culture the network will run a series of events over the coming eighteen months. 

This first Workshop, 'The state of historical letterpress' brings together those with historic presses and type for a discussion about how they are currently used. It seeks to explore how the rich history of printing is related to the survival of historic equipment, to help network members share experiences and best practices, and to develop new approaches to such facilities. 

Further information about these events and the project more generally can be found on this website site  or on the project website. To get in touch, use any of the contact details supplied below:

twitter: @ahrcletterpress; email: centrechop@gmail.com